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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

World Entertainment News: Chris Brown And Rihanna Finally Back Together?

Another rising issue in World Entertainment news world is rumors spreading like wild fire that Chris and Rihanna are finally back!.
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When Rihanna beat Chris Brown by court order, almost 30+ months ago, it was thought to be the end of their infamous relationship, but currently, another wind is blowing, and this time around, it's that the love birds are currently seeing each other again.

Our of our trusted source said that Rihanna who is currently at age 23 and Chris at age 22 has been hiding from the eyes of paparazzi's and has been dating for almost a year now.

It was also believed that Rihanna always come to see Chris Brown whenever he is in Los Angeles.
So what this rumor is insinuating, is that Rihanna is coming back to Chris Brown?.
Here's what Chris Brown had to say about This Issue.chris brown replies to allegation of dating Rihanna again.


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