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Saturday, January 21, 2012

World Entertainment News: Beyonce Under Rain Of Abuse Over New Cd Promotion.

Things aren't going smoothly for one of the most powerful women in the world, well, i'm talking about beauty icon, Beyonce knowles, when she recieves

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rains of abuse over her new light digital cd promo skin.

Looking at the picture in that advert picture above, would you have known that the person there is
BEYONCE KNOWLES? except for the name at the top of the cd promo cd, would you know that it was beyonce knowles?

Beyonce is again been criticise after a new promo for the re-release of her album " 4 " went viral in the cyber world this week, showing beyonce with lighter skin than she has in real life.
This certainly isn't the first time the mother of Blue Ivy has been under fire for digitally altering her skin shade.
if you can remember that Back in August 2008, TMZ claimed L'Oreal whitewashed Beyonce in one of their blue print ad.


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January 2012.

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