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Monday, November 28, 2011

Nigeria Shame Tales: Another Girl Stole Blackberry Phone Again and Again!!

What's wrong with Some Nigerian Girls?
Why steal blackberry Phone,when it's not a MUST to use a Blackberry phone In NIGERIA?
But why disturb yourself?
here's another humiliation For This Suppose Blackberry Phone!.
Click click Read More to see Her picture
Nigeria Top Entertainment Blogger.

it's too bad,now you can see that some girls are so obsessed with Blackberry,that they can now go to any level to use BLACKBERRY.

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IT'S the third situation where a Girl,I Mean Third Times That A Nigerian GIRL has stole a Blackberry Phone,
look here to see the former story of how universities Girls stole some blackberry and got Caught.here's the last blackberry thief Story.


  1. tins r happening nw is d sign of end tym christ is here if u r bornagin is left for u to choose wer u r going

  2. girl enjoy life as it is in nigeria ..our head people are fake and we do what ever to be on top if i know you i will by you ten of that and even advice you to go steal from goodluck if you can be safe