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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tonto Dike And Wizkid Caught Having Sex Together.Here's a Picture Proof.

tonto dike
Nigeria tonto dike and wizkid

Nigeria Nollywood top Notch sultry actress,Tonto Dike,caught having Sex in A hotel room With Nigeria top Musician,and Latest Young Musician,Wizkid.
Wizkid has been feature in several sex issues,on several occasions,wizkid was caught having sex with a Unknown girl in a hotel room,then he impregnate an undergraduate,and finally,he's caught having sex with one of Nollywood most beautiful,Sexy,sultry and hottest actress,Tonto Dike.
It's really disturbing,but Tonto dike has also been one lady who is alway on top of the media news,and she's really controversial.
But if we ask ourself,why are we disturbing this celebrities?they're human really and need their own privacy too
but this story is hot and i can let it go.
Here's how tonto dike having sex With wizkid.
tonto dike


  1. D fct is dt TOTO DIKE is my luvly trbe sister, she is beautifl nd vry briliant grl. D nws i hrd about her sems 2 lik suden RAIN dt dosn't evn shw any sgn b4 falln. I nvr bliv at frst dt she culd do such a costly mstk by 'vng an affare wit WIZKHD. Sombody u knw 2 wel dt u r far btter off in evry espct of ur lif u stil wnt on nd sumit ur slf 2 hm. Wizkid dt jst statd lif yrstdy hmm! Der frst ntice it dt u 've an affare wit hm bt u denied of it nw der fund red hnded 'vng SEY wit wizkid. Wht a Big shme u 've cours 2 ur fmily cuz u 've nw shwn d wld hw chp u 're. Wht a "DISGRACE" is a Pity!!!

  2. That's too bad,i think tonto dike did something really wrong,she shouldn't have done it.well,take your latest cheats and tricks
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  4. wow nothing wrong people they are having fun please let them be life is once ....only God can say the rest ////please keep off there life and face yours

  5. i love you wizkid and tonto please be free am with you guys in any way

  6. R u ppl sure dat dis is not in d movie,if it is in reel life y is she wearing cloth n even d face of wiskid is not clear

  7. its a movie scene. the title is family secret. or some movie that she was sleeping wt her. am very sure of that.

  8. hey pipo she z only humn but am ashmd of hr coz i wsh i wz da one enock lups zambia mufulira quorn ave

  9. What is wrong in having sex just as every other person do?

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