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Monday, November 14, 2011

Super Eagles coach,Amokachi brother killed in Their House yesterday.

Picture of Late Emmanuel Amokachi.

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late Tekinbi Emmanuel.

It's really bad that people are bad.
Imagine how some Nigerians has stoop so low as to steal from a recharge card retailer.
Well,it's was gathered that the brother Of Once super eagle superstar,and currently assistant coach of Super Eagles,Amokachi brother was murder in cold blood yesterday in their hometown.
The brother of super Eagles assistant coach,was a recharge retailer in front of their home.where he normally sells recharge card to people.
It's was gathered by our reliable source yesterday,that Daniel amokachi brother,Tekinbi Emmanuel was killed yesterday in his GSM KIOSK.
The killers are suspected to have know the family.
Daniel Amokachi family lives in Kaduna.
It's was really distressing to see that two men in masks,or hodlum in bike,internationally known as motorcycle,shot Tekinbi Emmanuel while he was trying to take his money and run away.
It was gathered that as they tried to steal his Gsm kiosk money,the young amokachi beats them to their game and was shot while trying to get away.
When interviewing Tekinbi Emmanuel father,he said he heard gunshots,and before he could come outside,it was the death body of his son,murder in his blood,lying death in front of their gate.
It was also gathered that while Tekinbi Emmanuel was running,he was shot,but he kept on running,and later gave up the ghost in front of their residence in Kaduna state,Nigeria.
late Emmanuel elder brother.Daniel Amokachi.
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daniel Amokachi.