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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nigeria Horror stories. How A Woman Loss Her Breast In Port Harcourt.

It's something of shame that people wants to still use diabolic act to acquire money,no matter the level they'll have to enter.
It all begin in the garden city Of Port Harcourt,when an aboki man,that's a yam reseller,took the breast of a certain woman(name withheld for privacy reasons)
it started today at about 7pm 4-11-2011.when a yam seller stole a woman's breast at adageorge road in port harcourt.
It was said that after pricing the man's wage,the unsuspecting woman bought yam from the aboki, have him money,and start waiting for her balance.
The aboki brought out the money and threw it on the ground,
as soon as the unsuspecting woman bent down and picked up the money, her left breast got lost,that's as simply as it sounds.
The case is in police custody now.
Noticing that her left breast has vanished from it's normal space,the woman raised an alarm,and the aboki was caught by youths,who did beat this man to coma.
Except for the intervation of police,the said aboki man would have been dead.
Please be careful.
Even aboki's are in the hunt for December money.
Know where you're going and how there is.every now is dangerous.