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Monday, November 14, 2011

Latest Nigeria Rank No 4 In World kidnapping Rate.

It's No big news any longer that Nigeria is soon Developing in to one Of the world biggest kidnapping country in the World and African as a Whole.
It's really disturbing to see that Nigeria is Ranking fourth in situations like Kidnapping.
If we're to start giving why Nigeria is world No 4,you'll think they better start rethinking again,and Given Nigeria No 1.
When Militants start their kidnapping on white men,entered black men,then their wives,women and childrens,celebrities themselves,their parents,in short,anyone in Nigeria who is rich is in Trouble of either being kidnapped,or his families and probably his friends too.
I was really thinking,were Nigerians to have much affections for Animals like the whites are,then the Militants would probably be kidnapping animals too.as they did stoop so low to kidnap young childrens,no matter their age,then old parents,even the ones working with aiding sticks.
Nigeria deserves No 1 In World Ranking On Kidnapping.
How i wish it's World richest countries Nigeria ranks fourth.but oh no,here's is NIGERIA IN NO 4 IN WORLD KIDNAPPING LEVEL.