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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Africa Movie News: Ghana Top Actress Yvonne Nelson Shock Over Allegation Of Selling Fake Brands.

Ghana Super star Top Actress, Yvonne Nelson Was really giving the Shock bolt when She was accused of selling fake brands in her Branded Name Boutique YV closet Shop.

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Ghana actress, Yvonne Nelson, Popularly known because of Her daring parts in Ghana and Nigeria Movies + Other movies around the world, was Suprised and shocked about the media reports that she is selling fakes and imitated brands of Louis Vuitton (LV) and Gucci bags in her Dansoman-basedYV Closet fashion shop.

Yvonne Nelson said that she initially took the publications as a joke from the media, so she decided to ignore it.
But she changed her mind when reputable television stations also started spreading the report without contacting her for her side of the story.

Yvonne Nelson comments.
I believe the persons behind these stories have other plans and the massive media impression they keep on building makes me suspect they want to give my fashion shop a bad reputation just to collapse my business for reasons best known to them.

Yvonne Nelson said she's shocked because she does not even sell Louis Vuitton (LV) or Gucci Products currently.
Any person who has been to my shop can testify to what i saying.

Currently, I don’t even have more than5 bags in my shop. And All my bags are Aldo and they are sold out, Yvonne also noted.
She went on to explained further.
“Ask other persons who sell designer stuff and they would tell you that most people will not like to buy $3000 LV bags if brought them here or $5000 Chanel bag.
Yvonne Nelson said that when she buy such stuffs outside, she use them for my personal use and don’t come out making branded fake news and ads about my shop contents and qualities, as other brands do in their websites.

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Yvonne Nelson also noted that she only tweete that picture of her personal bags. People can come and check them out and also check LV website and let see the difference.

Nelson Yvonne also said although it is not uncommon for the media to speculate stories about celebrities, the speculation must have a base or some truth behind it.

What so Ever made Yvonne Nelson To say that is really pissing her off, I hope the media also carry out this Statement from Actress Yvonne Nelson About her current Accusation of selling fake brands.


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