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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bomb Discovered In Portharcourt, Dioubi.

Wow!. What's becoming of Nigeria this day? even the East and West are no longer safe as Bomb were discovered in Dioubi. Portharcourt.

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This is no longer a joke as bombs were just discovered in dioubi, Port harcourt City, Nigeria.

This latest bomb discovery in port harcourt has triggered a big tension in the entire city of Dioubi.

No longer is anywhere safe anymore in Nigeria as bomb was once discovered in oil mile market day, on wednesday, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered for transaction of goods and service.
Now, it's another bomb discovery that has been discovery by A taxi driver behind a residential one storey building, where hundreds of lives would have been lossed.
Residents in the just discovery bomb area raise alarm and create a mob, where they plead with the goverment to secure port harcourt, And help protect the Nigerians and Port harcourt people from such an evil death.
Latest News reaching us is that the bomb planters haven't identified themselves and the port harcourt, Rivers state bomb aid haven't either.
For now, people are pointing hands at the Group Boko Haram.

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