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Thursday, June 11, 2015



Watch out! Some girls don't love you. They love your money. If you are not wise, they will 'eat and run' away successfully. The following types of girls are fake:

1. A new girlfriend who begins to demand for money from you when the relationship is not up a month old. Even one month is too early for a girl to start demanding for money from her new bf. It shows that she is after the guy's money.

2. A girl you are justing dating newly who is already telling you about all her problems and financial needs. If your new girlfriend is telling you that she needs new bras, new clothes, new shoes, such girl has actually come to empty your pocket. Not to love you.

3. When a girl is always calling you "honey", "sweet heart" and all sorts of sweet names unnecessarilly at all times, pampering you excessively and unnecessarily telling you that you are right when you are wrong, petting you unnecessarilly, watch out. She may be looking for something. It may not be real.

4. When a girl is selfish and always concerned about herself only, she doesn't love you. Such girls don't bother about your future, they will never advise you to save some money, rather they will always ask you to take them out to a fast food restaurant, or for shopping.

She will never advise you to change your shoe, but she will always ask you to buy a new shoe for her. She will never advise you to buy new clothes for yourself, but she will always demand for money for her clothes. As long as she has eaten, she doesn't care if you have eaten or not.

5. A fake girl will not spend her credit to call you. Even if you send recharge card to her, she will only flash you and expect you to call her.

6. Fake girls visits you only when she needs money from you. She calls you only if she is sure that you will give her money.

7. A fake girl will accept to have sex with you. That doesn't mean that she loves you. She gives you sex because of the huge money she wants to collect from you.

8. If she asks for money but you refuse to give her, she will become angry and even threaten to quit the relationship. Such girl does not love you. She is only using you as her ATM. She has another guy that she truly loves.(her real guy).