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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Here are some signs you're suppose to use in knowing if your current girlfriend, best friend or Spouse, is the one for you.

1. If your Girlfriend come to your house and join you in drinking tea, marry her.

2. If you take her to a restaurant and she picked chips/pure-water instead of expensive meals, She is understanding marry her.

3. If she sees someone with BMW but decided to follow you with Bicycle, my brother she's not Jezebel marry her.

4. She come to your house and wash even your brothers and sisters clothes, marry her fast.

5. You gave her money for shopping but she went for shopping and bring back half of the money you gave her to you, marry her because she read economics.

6. She will call you everyday and ask if you need recharge card, brother claim her o!

7. If the girl used to give you her pocket money every week, She loves you marry her.

8. If both of you enter bus she will pay, That is a good sign

9. Whenever the girl is eating with you and she's eating only bones while you eat meat, marry her.

10. When you asked her what she want and she said nothing, brother she deserves everything