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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

World news: US military Female service members sue U.S. military for alleged rape and sexual assault.

It's no big news that women are now part of the military, but if i'm to ask, what prompt this women to join the military?
That's an answer i'll need for another day.
Well, they were some Female service members who sue U.S. military for alleged rape, sexual assault while in service.

Well, Eight current and former United State service members did filed a charge yesterday, which was Tuesday, alleging that they were raped, sexually assaulted or harassed while serving in the military and were retaliated against once they reported the abuse to higher force.

Among the defendants named in the suit are current and former Defense and Navy secretaries and Marine Corps commandants.
"Although defendants testified before Congress and elsewhere that they have 'zero tolerance' for rape and sexual assault, their conduct and the facts just demonstrate the opposite of what they made the general public believe:
They have a high tolerance for sexual predators in their ranks, and 'zero tolerance' for those who report rape, sexual assault and harassment," according to the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington.

The lawsuit outlines a style of abuse and portrays, in grim detail, the alleged experiences of the eight female service members of which
two former Marine Corps officers,
one active duty enlisted Marine,
one former enlisted member of the Marine Corps,
four former enlisted members of the Navy.
"Although at first it was easy to laugh it off,"
plaintiff Elle Helmer, one of the former officers, said about her superiors' advances.

"but when you finally said, you know, I'm really not interested, I'd rather we be friends, that's when you became the target. They hated you for standing up for yourself," she told Jane Velez Mitchell on the 6th march 2012.

The lawsuit alleges Helmer was raped by her superior at his office in March 2006 after a required pub crawl in his high respected office.
She told reporters at the National Press Club in Washington earlier in the day that she hoped by going public other victims would be encouraged to speak out for themselve and tell the public what is really happening.

"It's the first time I've had a voice in six years, so pardon if it's a little wobbly," said Helmer.

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