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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

entertainment news: Ghanaian Fake lawyer caught and sentence to jail.

I don't know if i'm to say that this man action is pure greed or what, but the picture of the man below is a 74 years old Ghanaian who has been practising
law 'legally' in Nigeria the last fifteen years (15) has finally been caught.

A fake Ghanaian Lawyer who has been constantly practising law, but fake legal practice in Nigeria has been caught in his act.

Really, how come a 74-year-old Ghanaian, that goes by the name
Keinde Dodo, has been practising law in Nigeria without honour has been operating fake chambers for over 15 years in Nigeria.

maybe, whenever he's got a care, he'll appear in court and announcing as a lawyer.
"My lord, keinde Dodo for the accused
against the accused?."

Well, as normal, everything no matter how long it takes always come to an end, which is the law of nature.
Nemesis always catch up even though you are old and weary or strong and shooting,your evil will always search out for you!.
That is the case of this awful Ghanian Lawyer who have been gaming Nigerians and Nigera as a country for so long.
A whole 15years, this man has been practising law without any degree.

fake ghanaian Lawyer .

woman born with three breast

half man half tree, is it possible? See picture proof.


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