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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nollywood News: Top Nollywood Actor, Nonso Dioubi Suprises Mum with A Mansion.

Who said actor's aren't wise or don't love their mummy?
Well, following Several rumors on different actors dating habit, (of which i do write about too ) many people think that actors are just plainly out for the ladies, but No, it's not so, As Nigeria and Nollywood Top actor, Nonso Dioubi gives his mum a big Beautiful house.

Suprised? That is actually the state of mind i'm in Right now, the latest gist is that Top Nollywood Actor, Nonso Dioubi gives his mum a big mansion, Nonso Dioubi did surprised his mum with a fully furnished mansion located in Trans Ekulu, Enugu state in Nigeria on mother's Day.

Star Actor Nonso Dioubi overjoyed mother could not help herself, but shower blessings on her wise and popular son.
Kudos to you ma.

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House Nonso Dioubi gives mum.

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