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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nigeria music News: 14years old girl corrects Peter Okeye Of P-square on Twitter.

It's really funny, the nerves of a 14year old says that peter okoye of P-square didn't put his words correctly.
Just to cut it short, this 14years old lectures peter okoye on twitter.

almost everyone has a twitter account, so explaining what twitter is, will be very unnecessary.
All celebrities do have their twitter accounts and if you love them, you'll follow them on twitter.

Today, the case is very different, as One of Nigeria Most celebrated Musicians, Peter Okoye of P-square, was lecture on English by a mere 14year old.

social network site, Twitter was turned upside down recently, Twitter during the week when a 14 year old kid took on Peter Okoye of the P-Square quo, lecturing him on the rules of english language.
Peter okoye innocently just took the social network site, Twitter to announce the lucky winner of the P-Suqare’s Fan of The Month give-away prize.

Peter okoye tweeted this,

Ok peeps check dis out!…dis person deserve to be my fan of the month. No ojoro, Peter tweeted.

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pictures of peter okoye.

But unfortunately for the superstar, a brilliant 14 year-old girl would not let go of his wrong use of english language, as she corrected him out-rightly, especially when he used the word ‘deserve’ in place of a singular noun of ‘deserves.’

English mistress thank u RT @Hazelavelie:*deserves RT @PeterPsquare: Ok peeps check dis out!…dis person deserveto be my fan of the month. No ojoro, he tweeted again.

anger loosed and Unable to bear the insult after the little girl corrected his wrong use of English language, Peter rained insults on the little girl, wishing that he could see her face to face.
Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found on Twitter, and as we all know, twitter is another world entirely on the cyber planet.

peter okoye, now so so angry, start Barking like a wounded dog, Peter vented his anger this way:
I don’t think she’s up to14yrs old and I don’t knw if she’s on twitter… But of cos her fbook name is Chantal Tcheou.

Thank u my dear.RT @MumcieCJ: @PeterPsquare sum idiots on twitter looking out for people’s mistakes “in english” like dey are perfect. NONSENSE!!
I Too know…., Peter blasted out on twitter.
But what's more Surprising, is that the same fan with the Twitter name Chantal Tcheou won Peter’s Fan of The Month gifts of Ipad2 and other goodies he offers every month to his twitter followers.