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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Entertainment news: what's the Problem between Bobbi Kristina and grandmum Cissy Houston?

what's the problem between late musician, Whitney Houston Daughter, Bobbi kristina and her grandmum Cissy Houston?

What is really going on between Bobbi Kristina and her Grandmum, Cissy Houston.
Well, Report reaching us is that Bobbi Kristina has been fighting her grandmother Cissy Houston.
Beautiful Bobbi Kristina want her Grandmum to leave her alone, she says that she want to live in Atlanta on her own term.
But Grandma Cissy Houston thinks that Whiten Houston 22 year-old- adopted child Nick Gordon is a bad influence to Bobbi Kristina,

Grandmum Cissy Houston says that Whitney Houston adopted child is the reason why Bobbi Houston refuse to leave Atlanta and meet up with her.
“Cissy Houston is worried sick about Bobbi Kristina,”
a friend of Whitney ’s family told our reliable but discreet source.
“grandmum Cissy Houston tried to convince her to move back to New Jersey so she could be closer to her late mummy side of the family.
but apparently, Krissy wants to stay in Atlanta with his adopted brother.
Being in Atlanta is the only way she can feel really close to her mother.”
The friend continues:
“Bobbi Kristina is determined to continue living in the same house she lived in with her mom these past years before her mum wave her goodbye.

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celebrity news.

As far as Nick Gordon is concerned, he is like her brother, and I seriously doubt Cissy will be able to evict him from the house.
He is currently Krissy’s closest friend right now.”
And according to our reliable sources findings,
late Whitney raised Nick Gordon like a son and let him live with her and Bobbi Kristina for good 10 years ago.

Reports even have it that the late 48-year-old pop icon even included Nick Gordon in her will.
So seriously, it's going to be a big fight before grandma cissy houston separates Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon.

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