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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Horror tales: Wife cut off husband pen i s.

It's really freightening to think that a wife will have the nerves to cut off her own husband private part all because of 'private problems'?

Really, it's an abomination in some local government, i am definitely angry at this woman behaviour to cut off her hubby private part, all because her husband demand for s e x,
please can someone ask her why she got married to a man?

A Lagos court has dissolved the marriage between a couple after the wife cut off her husband’s private part with a knife.
The 28-year old woman, Janet Uduak was dragged to a customary court in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria by her husband, Kolawole Richard, for using a kitchen knife to slice off his penis when he attempted to have sex with her.

Janet, mother of a kid, allegedly carried out the barbaric act because her husband demanded for sex from her against her wish.
Richard was seriously injured and as a result, he cannot and will never have erection again throughout his lifetime, except a miracle happens.
The incident happened at 19, Jagun street, Okokomaiko, on the outskirts of Lagos state, Nigeria.
After the incident, he dragged his wife to Ijanikin customary court for the dissolution of the marriage.

Richard asked the court to dissolve the marriage because Janet was violent and she does not perform her matrimonial obligation including allowing him to have sex with her.
Richard also explained to the court that he went to her village in Akwa Ibom State and paid N50,000 dowry before marrying her, yet whenever he wanted to sleep with her, there was always trouble in the bedroom.
Richard, who is from Ondo state and a teacher, told the court that because of her irrational behaviour, he was no longer in love with her.
He tendered a photograph of his severed penis before the court.

Richard also asked the court to grant him the custody of their only daughter, since that's the only connection that link him to his marital life.
Reacting to this accusations, the remorseful woman pleaded to him to forgive her, promising that she will fulfil her obligation as his wife including allowing him to have sex any time he wanted.

But Richard just stood his ground and insisted that the marriage should be dissolved between them.
President of the court, Mr. S. K. Hussain noted that the relationship has completely broken down.
He consequently dissolved the marriage and ordered Richard to pay Janet N26,000 as alimony.

Please, My candid advise to Men is they should try and married from the inside beauty, not the outside beauty.
Since the outside beauty is a cover of the beast inside.

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kitchen knife used in butchering Richards private part

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