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Sunday, March 4, 2012

horror tales: 38 years old Hunter Commits Suicide!.

If i said horror tales, believe me, that's the truth!.
Imagine someone committing suicide, God gave you life, but he didn't give you the authority to Take it, and this is just the case.

It was a hectic week when the sudden death of a popular hunter and blacksmith via suicide on Feb 11, 2012, in Ibadan, capital of Oyo State, Nigeria.
This abomination appears to have plunged many residents of the area in the city he lived into grief, because when they described him, he was really a good jolly fellow.

our reliable source gathered that at about 6.30am on February 11th on that day, Alamu Olajire, 38, who lived in Bakatariin the Omi-Adio area of the city, allegedly picked up his hunting packs and gun, rode on a commercial motorcycle to an uncompleted house on a Condemned Road, not far from his own residence, and shot himself in the chest.

Olajire s corpse at the suicide scene
Man killed himself and predict his date of Death!.

Hunter Olajire was said to have removed some charms, which he had always worn underneath his clothes, before shooting himself in the chest and he bleed to death.
The noise and sound cause by gunshots had reportedly drawn the attention of other people living in the neighbourhood to the scene of the action and they found the lifeless body of the hunter in a pool of his own blood.

This is another shot of this strange behaviour, Strangely enough, Olajire was said to have made some disturbing comments a few days before his incident.
When our correspondent gently question some people there, there's this believe that the late hunter did actually predict his own death in a dramatic and terrible manner that would rattle every member of the community.

And Truly to his words, the man ended up taking his own life in a way that really baffled his relatives, friends and neighbours alike.
This abominable act had shocked members of the community so much that they had wondered what could have made him commit suicide.
Till now, our source said that the cause of this young man for killing himself is still UNKNOWN!.

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