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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ghana News: Lesbianism Raids Ghana, another Girl Wed Girl in Accra.

Most times, when we say the world's coming to an End, there's an atom of truth in it, Believe me, Imagine A girl Legally wedding another fellow Girl in Accra, The capital city of Ghana, With picture proof.

Lesbianism enters Ghana, as a girl wed her fellow girl in Accra.

It's sometimes wierd how humans think, imagine a girl wedding her fellow girl!.
That's an abomination before God and man.
Moving straight, for the second time in three months, two lesbian marriages have reportedly place at James Town in the heart of Accra, Ghana.

This news has provoke angry youth in the area, which has made them to declare war on all suspected gays and lesbians in the neighbourhood.
This second marriage ceremony was raided by some angry youths, in which every suspected lesbian was stripped naked and chased out of town with sticks and whips.

Before now, Homosexuals in the neighbourhood have since become victims of public poos, with some fleeing to seek refuge in other parts of the town.
HotNigeriaZone also gathered that this second marriage happened about two weeks ago and the ceremony was conducted under the guise of a birthday party at a place called Printing Press near the Accra High Street in James Town.
The female, who is an husband-to-be is said to be a trader and resident of La, another suburb part of Accra, not far from James Town, while her bride is an unemployed resident of James Town.

Discussing this latest happenings in Ga with HotNigeriaZone over the weekend, an eyewitnesses who pleads Anonymous, said it was an open secret, that the wife-to-be was a lesbian so when news went round that she was organizing a ‘birthday party’, people were not surprised to see other suspected lesbians in attendance.
“In this community (James Town) word goes around fast and people heard that the party would be for an engagement and that another girl would be coming from La to marry her girlfriend, so we were all waiting to see what would happened.

“Around 8pm, the party started, but the trouble began later in the night when the lady from La brought out an engagement ring and placed it on the finger of her girlfriend, then she proceed to kissed her.
A few minutes after the said Engagement, the guys in the community invaded the place and started to insult the girls.
When the girls replied the insults, the guys started beating them up and tearing their clothes off.
Some of them fought back while the others fled half-naked.
They were chased and flogged and the guys had the pleasure of looking at their backside and breasts, for free.

Just last Saturday (March 17) we heard there was going to be another lesbian marriage, so many guys got ready for action to do what they did the last time the lesbian marriage took place, but the lesbians heard of the planned attack and cancelled the ceremony.
An eyewitnesses and a resident of the area who pleaded anonymity told HotNigeriaZone.

A self-confessed lesbian has told our secret and reliable source that the ‘birthday party’ that was marred by a vigilante group last Sunday was indeed an engagement ceremony for some of the lesbians in the area.
She also said the ceremony was full of gay men and women who were freely exchanging rings as a sign of commitment and love for each other.
The lesbian who spoke to our reliable source on Friday said she could not walk freely in public without being attacked by members of the area, she said that:
“They always attack me when I’m seen outside with a fellow lady, they might not know what we are discussing but since they claim I am a lesbian, they always attack me.

Even if I am a lesbian, I have my personal right to choose what I want in life.
I feel comfortable with ladies than men because they provide me with all that I want, unlike the guys who don’t work in the community and always want to have sex for free,” she said.

The lesbian, who is seeking protection, told our reliable source, that she was willing to change but not until the act of discrimination was halted in her local community.
Saying that homosexuality in the municipality was rapidly on the rise because of some irresponsible men and their irresponsible act.

Picture of Some lesbians.

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lesbians Kissing.

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