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Monday, February 27, 2012

world daily news: Former south africa president and legend, Nelson Mandela discharged from hospital.

it's such a great relief to the entire south Africa country yesterday, when they former president and world greatest hero, Nelson Mandela was released and discharged from hospital yesterday.

Nelson Mandela
former south africa president, Nelson mandela.

This was the latest news that is reaching our desk, that former south africa president and world greatest hero, Ex-President Nelson Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela AKA 'Madiba'. Has been discharge from hospital on Sunday after an overnight stay for minor diagnostic surgery to determine the cause of an abdominal complaint that attacked him on 25th february 2012.

it's no longer news that, Former south africa ex-president, Nelson Mandela was hospitalized saturday with a stomach ailment.
Spokesman Mac Maharaj said the 93-year-old Nobel peace laureate had to undergone a laparoscopy, a procedure that involves surgeons making an incision in the stomach to insert a thin, lighted tube to look at the patients abdominal organs.

This is what the doctors have to say.
“We have decided to send him home as the diagnostic procedure he underwent did not indicate anything seriously wrong with him,”
President Jacob Zuma ’s office added in a statement.
Also, Zuma had released an official statement saying that Mandela was “surrounded by his family and is relaxed and comfortable.”

Zuma also said that
“The doctors are happy with the progress he is making so far despite his age.
We thank all South Africans for their love and support of Madiba. We also thank all for affording Madiba and his family privacy and dignity,” said Zuma, referring to Mandela by his clan name.

welcome home Nelson.

This is great, thanks alot for this service.
I love it.