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Monday, February 27, 2012

Nigeria daily news: suicide bomber kill 3, 38 hospitalized in Jos, target's Church of God.

This is really, really tragedy, imagine yesterday, when everyone were in the church serving God, someone was standing by, as an agent of the devil to attack the church and kill every single persons in it.
The church in question is known as
Church Of God and it's really bad that some incidents too place.

This news has been confirmed by the Nigeria Police force that currently, up to 3 people are reportedly killed and the other 38 persons have sustain wounds when a suicide car bomb explodes at a popular church in the city of Jos on Sunday morning, which is yesterday on 26th february 2012.

This suicide bomber did have the first service of the Church of Christ in Nigeria as his primary target.
But it is unclear if the suicide bomber did targeted some high state officials around the buildings.
Here's a picture proof of the bomb that kill 3 and injured 38 others seriously.

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smokes from the bomb church and it's environ.

The bomb explosion struck the main headquarters of the Church of Christ in Nigeria during its early morning service, in Jos, Plateau state Nigeria.
Plateau state spokesman Pam Ayuba said that:
The bomb attack killed a woman, and a father and his child near the explosion, Ayuba said.

Also news trending now is that,
Emergency officials did take more than 38 people to hospitals for treatment of their sustained injury during the blast.

Anyway, a picture of the suicide bomber was seen, and because of his suicide mission, he was killed too.
Here's his picture.

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picture of the man believed to have led the explosion.

This explosion didn't hurt so much people or get hundreds of people killed, but the mastermind should know here that they've start dealing with God.
They decided to bomb his church and he said that
"i'll build my church and the gate of hell can not prevail".

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