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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nigerian newspaper: Man murder wife while arguing.

Little things, they say, generates and mutates to things which sometimes, we don't want to believe.
Imagine a man, murder his wife, just because of something they're arguing about.
What kind of anger is this, i asked myself, this story is very touching, read and share with friends on facebook.

Today, being the 22nd of february 2012, Hotnigeriazone reports the terror that happened on Sunday in Abule Taylor area of Lagos state, Nigeria.

This tragedy occured when a man in his mid 40s, that goes by the name, Peter Odion, allegedly killed his wife during an argument.
HotNigeriaZone were informed that the woman, popularly known as Mama Marvellous, met her untimely and painful death when the argument between she and her husband, Odion degenerated into a fight.

HotNIgeriaZone informant, also informed us, that Mr Odion, the husband to the deceased and now a murderer, in a bid to free himself from his wife, released a devastating and powerful blow to her, which her body system couldn't carried without going into a shock state.

HotNigeriaZone reliable source, interview an eyewitness, who plead anonymity, said as soon as Mama Marvellous became unconscious, sympathisers rushed her to a nearby hospital.
The eyewitness went further to say that the hospital rejected her and advised that she should be taken to the General Hospital, located in Ile-Epo, where she later gave up the ghost.

our reliable source, when interviewing this anonymous eyewitness, said that this eyewitness said that,
“It was like a play when the argument started. I don’t know the basis of their argument but as soon as they came out of church talking to each other harshly, soon, their fighting erupted.
“The husband, now turned and tame Killer, who wanted tofree himself from his wife could not free himself from her grasp.
So being macho man, he dealt her a deathly blow that saw and gave his wife an express way to The GRAVE.

As soon as her fragile body recieved the deathly blow from her husband, she fainted and instantly, went into coma.
Onlookers rushed her to a nearby hospital but she was not attended to. After that, she was taken to the General Hospital at Ile-Epo where she was certified and confirmed dead.

“I still find it difficult to think what happened.
I think the Devil was at his finest.
If not, how else could one explain the nasty thing that played out? Two christian just came back from Sunday service, and start quarreling just outside the church door, only to start fighting, And where has that got them now, one is confirmed dead.
It is such an unfortunate incident.”
Our reliable source, who was at the venue of this happening, gathered that Odion had been arrested by the police and was being detained at Ile-Epo Police Division in Agbado-Okeodo Local Council Development Area of the state.

The spokesman for Lagos State Police Command, Mr. Joseph Jaiyeoba, confirmed the incident in a telephone interview with our investigator, saying that:
“It is true. The man (husband) is not denying the fact that his blow murder his wife.
They were fighting and the woman fell into a coma. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was certified dead,” the L.G Police commander Jaiyeoba said.
He said the case would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, in Yaba, Lagos state.
Where finally decisions will be taken.

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