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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

daily nigerian newspaper: 12 years old girl raped 4 times by a man.

imagine what this world is turning into, how come a man, fully grown up and expected to have some brains in his head raped a girl of 12years old, four good times!.
We mostly asked ourself, Where was his conscience when he was doing this sinful and abominable act?

Mrs. Kehinde Oduntan, mother of the accused, who was really a good and observant mother, became much concerned when she wanted to wash the clothes of her beloved children and noticed that something wasn't normal, there was something like semen in her 12-year-old daughter’s underwear.

Mrs kehinde oduntan, noticing this usual event, quickly summoned her husband, named Peter, and she disclosed to him of her discovery about their daughter.
Peter, being the head and man of the family, went and confirmed that what she saw was actually semen.

Both kehinde and peter questioned their daughter (her name wouldn't be disclosed for her privacy, no privacy violation in this blog.) and after threatening here severely, the 12years old girl succumbed and disclosed to her parents that, a 47-year-old neighbour, Mr. Lateef Amuda, was the one that had sex with her.

“We asked her how many times he had had sex with her and she plainly refused to tell us,” the mother told a reliable but anonymous source .
It was later learnt that the 12 year old girl told nurses at a hospital that the offender, Mr Amuda had had sex with her four different times.

This event took place in the family resident in Meiran area of Lagos state, Nigeria.
This 12 year old girl raped victim, assured us that the man actually raped her four different times.

when we asked her mother, Mrs kehinde her response when she found this out, Mrs kehinde replied that.:

“We were angry; we don't know the reason why Amuda, whom we have always seen as a family friend, could do such a thing to a young girl.
My daughter said Amuda would come to our apartment and ask her to follow him. She said those times he slept with her, my husband and I were not around.

“She told us the last time he slept with her, she was sleeping on the bed and Amuda entered our apartment, woke her up and asked her to follow him.

“We then reported at the Oke-Odo Police Station and the police arrested Mr Amudu.
While Amuda was locked up,his relatives came to beg us to get him released.
“They apologised to us to forget about the matter, that what had been done could not reversed, my husband and i were furious.
I personally told them I was not a fool that the police would decide what to do with him.”

It was also learnt that Amuda was arrested on February 2 and was released five days after.
Since his release, the suspect had not returned home.
Mr Amuda, who live with his wife and 15-year-old daughter in an apartment.

The 12years old mother, Mrs kehinde oduntan, told a reliable source that she has taken her daughter to the nearby hospital for tests, including the necessary HIV and pregnancy tests.
Mrs kehinde oduntan went further to said that although the results were negative, there was need to repeat the tests based on medical advice.

“The hospital advise us that we should come back for more tests in the near future because some things might not manifest in her body at this early stage,” she said.

Amuda reportedly insisted on his innocence throughout the time he was locked up at the police cell.
However, he purportedly wrote a letter to the victim’s parents, in which he promised to pay the sum of N15,000 for the girl’s treatment.
The letter, which was showned to our reliable source, was written in Yoruba and purportedly signed by two of Amuda’s relatives; Bose Adesan and Taju Amuda.

this was the letter that the Oduntan's family recieved.
“I, Lateef Amuda, promise as a result of the incident at my residence, where I was accused of raping a girl, thatI would pay the sum of N15, 000 to the family of Peter Oduntan for her treatment by the end of February,” the letter stated.

“We are angry that he has been released. but the police said there was not much they could do on the case,” Mrs kehinde said.
Taking this case further, our reliable source/investigator, called Amuda on the telephone, and he strongly denied raping the 12 years old girl.
Amuda said, “That girl is too young for me to do something like that to.
I don’t know why she kept mentioning my name.

Amudu further said that
“I decided to pay the money on the orders of the police and my relatives.
The IPO said I should go and apologise to the family and my relatives followed me to apologise.

“When we got there, the girl’s family told me that if I admitted that I raped her, they would drop the case. So, I said I did it because I did not want to prolong the matter. More so, my relatives told me not to argue with them and agreed so that the case might end there, and i complied.”
When our source asked him, why he had not been home since he was released from police custody, he said, “I have been feeling ashamed. You know when something like this happens, the whole neighbourhood would be making jest of the person accused.”

However, a source at the police station denied that the police did advised Amuda toapologise to the girl’s family.
The source said, “God would judge him if he has actually went to tell such a lie. I was infuriated when the mother of the girl informed me that Amuda had written an undertaken to pay the family some money.
“When I asked him, he said it was his family that told him to write the undertaking and apologise to the family. Nobody here (police station) is related to the family in any way.
Which policeman would do such an unprofessional thing?” the source inside the station said.

The source said investigation was still ongoing on the case and that the medical report had not been delivered yet, which means that Mr Amudu is still a suspect.

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