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Monday, February 6, 2012

Man arrested for allegedly turning boy into a Goat!.

Well, i'm really suprised, but wait a minute, are humans this heartless?
This happened in Port harcourt, Rivers state.
The Mile One Divisional Police Headquarters in Port Harcourt, was throwned into a confused state, when an angry mob, besieged a man who is accused of turning a boy into a goat.

recieveing news from our reliable source, who was there, this trouble started when somebody raised an alarm that he has seen with his naked eyes, the accused middle-age man was speaking to a goat and after that the goat started running after him speedily.

Soon after that, an angry mob started milling around the man and the mysterious “goat”, alleging that the goat was a boy, whom he has turned to live goat.

The angry mob, which were really shouting on top of their voice and demanding blood, insisted that he should change the goat back into a human being or he'll have himself to blame!.
Mr.Tony Adeyi, a Superintendent of Police(SP)and Divisional Police Officer of Mile One confirmed that a suspect was rescued from a mob which wanted to killed him over an allegation that cannot be substantiated and without evidences or proof.

“It is a mere rumour that could not be substantiated in law. We don’t act on rumours, he said, We have transferred the man to State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, for further investigation,” .

The Mile One Police station was cordoned off to prevent the angry mob from forcefully gaining entry into the station and lynch their victim.
Ben Ugwuegbulem, the spokesman for the Rivers State Police Command confirmed the arrest of the suspect but dismissed the allegation as mere rumour that does not hold any water, which means that there's no evidence or proof that this accused person turned a human into a goat.
i pray for the wisdom of the lord upon the Nigeria Police Force To make the rightful decisions.

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