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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Future is HERE: As American Produces A Car That Can Be Fold Up and Parked.

I asked myself, if this is really true, but my doubts were cleared when i saw this car in a video, it's so simple, so beautiful, but yet, one of the most sophisticated machine man has ever built.

This Car, known and called the Hiriko a Basque word for"urban," is an electric two-seater car with no doors and it's motor is placed in the wheels and it can be folds up like a child's stroller, for easy parking.

This car, which has been Dream about and created by Boston's MIT-Media lab, the concept was developed by aconsortium of seven small Basque firms under the name Hiriko Driving Mobility, with a prototype unveiled by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso.



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The inventors and creators are now in talks with a number of European cities to assemble the tiny cars that can run 120 kilometers (75 miles) without a recharge and whose speed is electronically set to respect almost all the city limits.

The inventors has envision this fold-up car as a city-owned vehicle, up for hire like the fleets of bicycles available in many European cities, or put up for sale privately at an asking price of 12,500 euros.
Several world popular and powerful cities have shows interest, which includs the
San Francisco and
Hong Kong.

Talks are under way with Paris, London, Boston, Dubai and Brussels.
The vehicle's four wheels turn at right angles to facilitate sideways parking in tight spaces.

This is another shoot at technology and it has yield another world shattering machine that excites millions of people in all continents of the world.
Maybe one day, or very, very soon, this car will become one the world most popular and sought after cars.
I love this car design.

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