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Monday, February 20, 2012

Daily Nigerian newspaper: As two Police Teams clashed!. A show of Shame.

I really don't know if i am to call this a show of shame, but certainly, i'm one man that Respects and grade the Nigeria Police Force. (NPF).
But this news about two police squads or teams fighting each other has put a big social red mark on the Integrity of The Nigeria Police Force.

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This event took place in one of Africa busiest and Populous city, Located in Nigeria, know as LAGOS State.

The police issue happened this weekend, and it happened live in in Lagos state, as two Police teams engaged themselves in shameful show.
This shameful and disgraceful incident, which happened live at the premises of Industrial Metal Processing Company, IMPCO, on Cocoa Industrial Estate, Ikeja.

This show of shame from the respected NPF involved anti-robbery squad from Area ‘G’ Command Headquarters, Ogba and Federal Anti-Robbery Squad, FEDSARS, Adeniji Adele, all in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Our reliable source said that following the long standing problem between one Chief Joe Agbara, Managing Director of the company and wife of his late associate, Mrs Joy Agbo, who allegedly went to the Area ‘G’ Command, where he got some policemen to keep watch over the company’s assets to stop his counterpart from taking or from being carted away in strict adherence to a Lagos High Court order.

However, the said Mrs. Agbo, had equally gone to Federal SARS, where she was also given some policemen to assist her in carting away some goods from the same company.
HotNIGERIAZone Sources said that a verbal confrontation between the two teams of policemen started and it later generated into fisticuffs, during this incident, some gunshots were fired and released into the air.

Our reliable and trusted source inside said that several people, including workers of the company and passers-by sustained significant injuries in the fight that ensues between the two teams.

The Vehicles that was brought by the said Mrs Agbo with a view to taking away some of the products mainly iron rods, were touched by the policemen.
HotNIGERIAZone reliable source said that it took the intervention of the Commissioner of Police in charge of Fed SARS, Adeniji Adele to bring the ugly situation to a standstill, following which both Chief Agbara, Mrs Agbo and the warring policemen were brought before the senior police officer; who later brokered peace.

Moreover, it was learnt that soon after a truce was brought by the Commissioner of Police Markof Adeniji Adele, another group of policemen allegedly contracted by Mrs. Agbo stormed the premises at about 11.30pmm, shooting rapidly into the air and carted away some iron rods worth over N10m.

Now the question that arise is ' The Nigeria Police Force Fighting Themselves?
is there no unity in the NPF?

Please you can also air your own view on this matter.

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