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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here are Words that Would Land You In Homeland Security, Read and avoid!.

After America homeland security arrests two bristish tourist over their tweets, here are a list of words that would put you in their list, so read this, and avoid homeland security.

The America Department of Homeland Security were criticised recently over false accounts it set up on Twitter and facebook.
After creating this watch dog accounts, they are then used to scan social networks and read people's tweet for 'sensitive' words and then for tracking this people who use them.

Online privacy group, the Electronic Privacy Information Centre requested information on the DHS's scans, which it says the agency announced in February last year.
The group claims that a request under the Freedom of Information Act to access the documentation been unanswered.
The words deemed as being sensitive by the DHS include:
1. Illegal immigrant
2. Outbreak
3. Drill
4. Strain
5. Virus
6. Recovery
7. Deaths
8. Collapse
9. Human to animal
10. Trojan

be careful while tweeting and avoid this words, America homeland security is really watching!.
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