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Monday, January 9, 2012

Beyonce daughter real picture, beyonce daughter live picture, picture of beyonce's daughter.

Millions are searching right now for the picture of beyonce's daughter, her anonymous but Yet popular daughter, Ivy Blue carter!.
There are so much search on the beyonce daughter live picture that i decided to get the picture from a reliable source!.

here are some mails i recieved from fans and readers of

*. How do beyonce's daughter looks like?
*. Where can i find the real picture of beyonce and jay-z daughter?
*. Give us Beyonce and jay-z real daughter picture.
*. Do you have live picture of beyonce's and jay-z daughter?
*. Where's the picture of ivy blue carter?
*. Live picture of beyonce and jay-z daughter, ivy blue carter.
Okay, here's their picture.

images?q=tbn ANd9 Gc SOT4b Gom VHQT 90y8m JP y Fz DMq V

images?q=tbn ANd9 Gc T3munz Rsqdroyz DDw UCr Yq BIb Yiu

beyonce baby2

that's the life picture of beyonce's daughter and it's really funny, right?
Please readers, don't ask me if that's real, because you don't know, if that picture was bought!.

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