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Monday, January 9, 2012

World Daily News As Beyonce explains meaning of her new baby’s name, Ivy Blue Carter.

It's really a busy time right now for the entire family of Knowles and Jay-z as they are now full family with the addition of their baby, Ivy blue carter on the 07 of january 2012

For the latest and full gist about ivy blue carter birth and fans reaction, World Daily News As Beyonce And Jay-z Welcomes Babygirl.

well, beyonce did explained herself when she was asked by her teeming fans why she called her new baby girl 'ivy blue carter'!.
Enjoy her answer and millions of peoples reaction!.

beautiful pop mega Female star Beyonce, wife to world famous Jay-z delivered a bouncing baby girl this morning (07 january 2012) through a caesarean operation at Lenox Hill hospital in New York.

Beyonce has named her new born baby girl Ivy Blue Carter, a strange name which has draw the full blowned attention of the public over some few hours ago.

When asked by fans why she name her daughter, Ivy Blue Carter, she Explained her reasons for naming her baby Ivy Blue Carter.
Beyonce broke the alphabets into smaller particles as for all to understand her fully, as shown here.

“IV-y” standing for the roman number “4″. “Blue” her husbands favourite colour. Beyonce was born on 4th of a month, she married on April 4th as well. Stressing further on the name she added that her husband even named one of his works “Blueprint”.

To this, different of people around the world starts arguing that the baby’s strange name came from beyonce and jay-z most rumoured membership of the
esoteric organization-Illuminati.
Millions of fans who tweeted about the name made some really great and funny points as shown below:

“beyonce is obsessed with the number four so.. 4 = IV = Ivy and Blue is the fourth color on the color wheel and has 4 letters!” A Twitter user and fan explained

“There’s a meaning in Ivy Blue. IVy =a roman numeral for 4 which is Beyoncé’s favorite number and BLUE for Jay-Z’s Blueprint albums. Wow,”
said another twitter fan and user.
But what's more captivating and really full of brain is an addition that one twitter fans did,
This fans just fascinated thousands by doing some calculation here.

. “Beyonce had her baby on 1/7/2012.1+7= 8. 2+0+1+2 = 5. 8-5=3. 3+1 = 4!YALL SEE DESTINY’S CHILD??? YOU SEE HER! Oh ok,” the fan tweeted.

This is really beautiful, because fans reaction over this beyonce baby girl is really overwhelming and touching, it's certainly a popular child that don't even know her name yet!.
But her picture remains a secret as thousands search and search for her picture.

World Daily News As Beyonce And Jay-z Welcomes Babygirl.

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