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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nigeria Daily News: The Boko Haram taken to court by Mr James izi.

Do you know that Mr james izi,an investigator,took the dreaded terrorist group,BOKO HARAM to the FCT court Abuja.
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Nigeria National News.
The State Security Service, SSS,did narrated yesterday before a Federal High Court in Abuja FCT.
That six suspected members of the recent Terrorist group,Boko Haram sect, used GSM mobile handsets to detonate modernized Explosive Devices,scientifically Known as
that cause the death of 28 persons between this year March and July this year 2011.
Afterward,An investigation officer with the SSS agency,Mr James Izi who testified for this prosecution said with the aid of mobile handsets, the suspectswere able to set-off the IEDS at a reasonable distance with the recent mobile built in technology.
He also told the court that he has been involved in active investigation in the last 30 years, maintaining that the terrorist,Called BOKO HARAM,used this method to bomb the headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in Suleja, Niger state,on the eve of the presidential election.
About 16 persons, mostly ad-hoc workers engaged by INEC, lost their lives owing to the explosion.
Other places that he said were bombed with the same technique included the Dakna village, in Bwari, Abuja,on May 23, killing more than three Peace Officers,bombing a church, the All Christian Fellowship Mission, aka ACFM,on July 10 2011,killing three persons and the explosion that rocked a political rally in Suleja on March 3.
In his Examination-in-Chief , the witness said that sequel to recurringcases of bomb explosions in Niger state, the Director General of SSS, constituted a special team with a directive to trace, trail and apprehend masterminds of the heinous crime behind the BOKO HARAM bombing.
Well,now the six accused persons, whose names are

Shuaibu Abubakar a.k.a Abu Quatada
Salisu Ahmed
Umar Babagana Umar
Mohammed Ali
Musa Adam
Umar Ibrahim.

of whom he identified as the masterminds of the Boko Haram CELL in Niger state,Nigeria,were smoked out of their respective hiding places.
Especially,he also told the court that the 1st person,
3rd person,
4th person
accused persons were held down at Kachia LGA of Kaduna state by a team of naval officers on duty, adding that they were caught in the process of transporting more than
200 modernized detonators
plenty blasting cables (55 yards) used for building IEDs.
Narrating this to the court,he also said that,
on August 4, one of the accused persons, Salisu Ahmed was arrested at the Tipper Garage in Abuja.
It was believed that salisu Ahmed,He led the SSS operatives teams to a bomb-making factory at Nasarawa-Iku, where some dangerous bomb-compounding elements and materials were seen and recovered.

A lot of mobile handsets which were used for detonating some IEDs from a distance was also recovered too.
He also told the court that on August 30, one Moh’d Dalhatu, who he said sold most of the items used in manufacturing bombs, was arrested at Azara, Awe LGA in Nasarawa state,Nigeria.
He further state that one Ibrahim Bashir used AK-47 rifle to train most members of the Islamic terrorist members on how to handle weapons.
Also highlighting that investigation by the SSS disclosed that the suspects spent more N500, 000 in purchasing IEDs, the prosecution witness further told the trial court that the 5th accused person, Musa Adam, hitherto acted as a spiritual adviser to the BOKO HARAM group.
Meantime, counsel to the accused persons, Mr Kelvin Okoro yesterday, made frantic efforts to disparage the oral evidence that was tendered against his clients,which apparantly are the BOKO HARAMS by the SSS chief investigator.
Drawing attention of the trial judge in the matter, justice Aliyu Bilkisu to the fact that fingerprints of the accused were taken after they were arrested, he contended that no footprint analysis was done with a view to pinning the accused persons to the alleged terrorist actions against them.
This interesting but dangerously case has been adjourned till November 24 and 25 to enable the prosecution to call three more witnesses against the accused persons.
All the accused persons had ab-initio pleaded not guilty to a 5-count charge that was read to them via an interpreter.
They were also accused of allegedly committed acts of terrorism by detonating improvised and dangerous explosive devices at different locations in The Nigeria Soil,and in different location within the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Niger and Nasarawa states,which also cause several deaths.
If convicted, the offence they allegedly committed is punishable with life imprisonment.
This latest information we did obtained from the accusation sheet,also point to the accused person,that between June 4 and July 12, (both dates inclusive) at different locations in Suleja.
Niger state.
Nasarawa state.
FCT Abuja.
did engage in an act of terrorism by encouraging through training persons now at different locations,hard to track,trained them to use arms and ammunition, and the preparation, planting and detonation of improvised explosive devices for the sole purpose of terrorism and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 15 (2) of EFCC Act 2004 and punishable under the same section of the Act.”
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