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Monday, November 21, 2011

Nigeria Daily News: 17yrs Old boy killed After A

It was a very tough week for the parents and relations of Godspower,a 17yrs old student,who was abducted and kidnapped by his friends for the whooping sum of N500,000 Naira.
Three Murderers of Godspower

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THE Edo State Police Command is investigating the mystery that led to the death of 17-year-old
Godspower Idejerhoyibo
who was abducted, penultimate on Friday,while returning from school in Obe community,Edo State,Nigeria.
The Edo State Police Commissioner David Omojola, who paraded three high suspects,by name and age,

Daniel Etido (21)
Godday Ogbeiye (25)
Kelvin Ogimwonyi (20)

who allegedly involved in the abduction of Godspower, explained that Etido,a friend of Godspower,now deceased,is a member of Godspower family, single handling led three other boys to kidnap their victim,who was suppose to be his brother.
Omojola said the arrests came about 24 hours after the suspects allegedly committed the crime, but after their victim had died. According to him, “one Godspower Idjerhoyibo was kidnapped by a three-man gang of kidnappers led by Godpower’s close friend, Daniel Etido.
The suspects Police immediately swung into action,which includes investigation,interrogation among others and on November 12, Daniel Etodo was arrested and accused.
Investigation revealed that the victim was returning from school when he was grabbed by the friend who had arranged the kidnapping”, the police commissioner said.
Now,Etido, who recently admitted that he was the master planner,the brain behind the scene,told one of Our Reporter that he and his fellow kidnappers,who are still suspects planned on demanding a ransom of N500,000,which also mean half a Million to release their victim, adding that he recruited his arrested colleagues, one of whom he referred to as a native doctor, to assist in executing their ugly plan.
The alleged native doctor among them, Ogbeye, according to Etido, who hails from Akwa-Ibom State, made it possible for the gang to abduct the boy without resorting to the use of arms or force,just a little enchantment,and that's all.
He narrated: “Thursday (penultimateweek) we (three) organised to carry the boy for ransom. Eventually when we kidnapped the boy, we kept him in an uncompleted building. One of us (Ogbeye) went to bring food but he delayed and, while I went in search of him, I was suspected and arrested by the police.
The native doctor’s charm made it easy for us to catch him without shooting. Honestly, I don’t know why he died but I think it was hunger. I am really sorry and shocked,he narrated”.
The suspect claimed the victim was tied with ropes.
We used charms to make the kidnapping easy and without having to carry gun or knife,since We've planned to ask for N500, 000 to release him, but we did not plan to kill him; maybe he died out of hunger.” However, Ogiemwonyi and Ogbeye denied taking part in the crime, saying that they were being framed up.
The case is still in on.
But if this is true,then you must beware of your Friends.
Because,anyone nearest to you,is the most fastest to kill you.
Pray we all are safe from wicked friends.
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