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Monday, October 17, 2011

Bizarre news: A 21yrs old losed his private part in Rivers state.

This is really getting out of hands,since we're in the renowned EMBER month noted by some people as a month of evil happenings.
This is the latest news that happened in a small town,oyigbo,in Rivers state,Nigeria.
it happened on 17 October 2011 in their general market,said the source.

my reliable source related that this happened between the hour of 11:00am to 12:00 in the morning.
This is how it all happened.
The 21yrs old boy,(Name and picture withheld for privacy reasons)
was coming out of the ever busy market on that fateful day with his bag full of provisions he has just bought from the market that morning,when he was touched by one black man,normally,the market that have more than 5,000 thousand people selling and buying goods and services everyday won't be bothered by such action,but this particular 21yrs,felt his tommy lurched,turned and he was kind of feeling empty and light.
Grabbing this particular man and in a feat of fear,start screaming that he has lost his private part.
All hell was broke lose today in oyigbo general market,that within minute,everyone starting leaving their provision to see for themselve one horrible life experience.
Grabbing this suppose private part thief,both of them where hoard to the market office where it was asked of the boy to prove his claims.
Without his private part,there was nothing else to be ashame of again,as the boy stripe naked in front of more than 3,000 watching eyes to the horror of the suprised crowd.
Where his private part was suppose to be is blank,(looks funny),but that's the truth,people start shouting as mothers,start crying.but this didn't solve the case.
The man who the boy claim steal his private part was later recognised to be an Hausa man.
Who Was said to be claiming he's a pastor.
but people around refused to heard any of it,as thousands of voice start shouting that the boys private part be given back to him.
This didn't solve the problem,as the man keeps claiming innocence of the accused crime of private part stealing.
The police arrived and the case was taken to the police station since the market was so crowdy and voices raised to extend that the market officials can't judge correctly what's going on.
The hausa man who was accused of the crime was taken to oyigbo police station.
The accused man,seeing himself in a police station,knows the treats he might recieve manually from the police station,because another hausa man who was also a police officer,raised an alarm and said that the man should be tied as he start muttering to himself,the hausa police officer claim,that he will soon disappear.
Within seconds,the accused hausa man was chained and tied,so that he might not disappear.
While in the Police station there,the 21yrs old who losed his private part,regained his private part almost automatically.
The case is still being handled by Oyigbo police station and the hausa man still being held for further investigation.
Viewers are said to tell the 21yrs old boy to go and test it if it's still working,(what a funny life,)but that's where this true tale ends.
Really weird and bizarred news,a horrible tale that gives me the chide inside.
This has raised alarm to other people safety in the market as who to trust and who not to trust again.since everyone is now suspicious of everyone else in the general market.
This is very important.Nigerians,it's another time getting to december 2011,where bizarred things and tales will start floating around and horrible stories shared.
Be careful and hold to your God firm.
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