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Friday, September 9, 2011

President Goodluck Ebere jonathan. Is he really taking the mantle of COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF ARM FORCE IN NIGERIA?.

President Goodluck Ebere jonathan.
Is he really taking the mantle of

The main issue arising now and that is very disturbing is seeing all this happenings in Nigeria,
many people has start to question the power bestowed unto president GOODLUCK JONATHAN AS THE
It's very alarming alarming as group of people known as BOKO HARAM now takes people life in exchange for what?
Power?message to the president?something is really going wrong as Nigerians don't know the next bombing location this group of LOCAL TERRORIST WILL BE BOMBING,NOW lagos state is in uproar as news float in that there will be a bombing of the boko harams.question arising from Nigerians lips is ,

Now spanning more than two weeks that the terrorist attack the
United Nation’s building in Abuja
that saw not less than 20 people healthy people dead and many more with serious injuries. During these two weeks of havoc,the extremist and terrorist group, Boko Haram, has been front page news.
This year 2011 has witnessed a great leap and increase in the activities of the fringe group that has murdered Nigerians of diverse religious, ethnic and professional backgrounds in their hundreds and destroyed properties worth billions of Naira.
Now after the murder of the muslim brothers and christians,the main question arising now is,


They're not siding anyone,they'll kill both the christians and muslim alike,leaving thousands of unanswered question in the mind of Nigerians.
Looking at the boko harams recent activities,spanning from Maiduguri to Bauchi,
from Kaduna to Abuja.

the terrorism group,Boko Haram,and it's secretive members have showed and display a single-mindedness of purpose and loyality toward the causpe that is yet to be recognised to say nothing of its being matched by the Goodluck Jonathan administration or regime.
Each new attack by the group gets more brazen than the last; as with each such attack the confidence level of the group increases.
Hardly can the same be said of the authorities and the last attack at the UN building brings into sharp perspective the helplessness that appears to have entered official government reactions to the activities of this fringe group,
BOKO HARAMS. leading it to seek, rather belatedly since it knows its limitations in this regard, the expertise of foreign security agencies.
There appears a mixture of confusion and panic in Abuja’s response and there’s no greater sign of this than the hurried changes effected in the security arrangement around the President’s residence. It’s as if Aso Rock suddenly feels exposed and vulnerable to attacks from Boko Haram.
But if the people and household members of Aso Rock lock themselves behind the tight barricades of the Villa,another unanswered question arise again!
who is the President leaving or entrusting the security of the rest of Nigerians?
Are people now to take charge of their own security the same way they’ve been taking care of ordinary municipal services that ought to be provided by government?
Looking at the nigeria PHCN service,it looks like they're not power holding company of Nigeria anymore as Nigerians have found another means of power production from generators that is really unhealthy to the environment with noise and noxious fumes which is extremely dangerous to human health,study showing the rate at which Nigerians switch on their generators everyday gives an estimation of the Nigeria people's health,because out of every occupant in a building,
more than three family or persons always on their generators in the coming of the evening,gathering the production of this dangerous gas being released and calculating their released rate,the Life of every Nigerian and his health is now questionable.
Nigerians now drill bore holes for their water supply.
Nigerians now construct roads leading to their homes and clear refuse from their neighbourhoods by dumping them in drainages that get blocked and lead to flooding which in turn washes away their loved ones and properties.because their main aim is creating this for themselve and not for the community,leaving the agenda of the government a laughing stock,
At the end of the day one wonders what government exists for.
The Bomb throwing and summary execution of Nigerians by Boko Haram leave Nigerians with the idea that this group has become a law unto itself,which means that they can now act on their very own impulse,as a way of passing on message,but to whom?
The security level in Nigeria need to be re-checked and the force .
The displays and actions of this fringe and terrorist group.known as boko harams are quite loud and eloquent where government stammers its way through badly conceived responses.
It looks like it's not the government that is in control but the boko harams.as they now set rules and wants.This definitely leads to comparison between President Jonathan and what his rivals to the office of president would have done with the Boko Haram matter had they won the election. Judging this president response and reaction,nigerians are now wondering the office and power in President JONATHAN HANDS ARE FOR WHAT?
However invidious such comparison may seem they just can’t but be made and one can’t imagine aMohammadu Buhari who would not be clear-eyed and decisive in his response, qualities which Jonathan worryingly appears to lack.
There seems a clear lack of decision in the action of the President. Although elected into office on his own terms since May he continues to act in the same tentative manner he acted as Vice President just elevated from the position of deputy governorof Bayelsa. His tentativeness can only add grist to the mill of the argument of those who see him as anything but his own man, one who would fall for anything because he can’t stand for what he believes in.
Yet, we must ask, what does the President believe in? Why does he appear perpetually looking across his shoulders for the approving glances of persons whose intentions are aimed at bringing down his government by showing he is incompetent to lead Nigeria?what are the plans and actions of president jonathan?does he have a plan to this threat of the boko harams?
Reading through this post first page,you'll recall that i said there are thousands of question,unanswered questions in the heart of Nigerians as to the reactions and response from the PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE.
There are too many contending forces, centrifugal in all dimensions, pulling at the seams of his government and he doesn’t appear able to provide adequate response to the Bomb throwing, assassinations and murder of hundreds of Nigerians have become the order of the day.
The increasingly sophisticated terror tactics of the Boko Haram are clear indicators of its preparedness to carry its campaign even further,because they now look like an unformidiable group that are unstoppable.
It simply doesn’t issue threats: It actsin deadly earnest. A so-called anti-Western group that hardly took responsibility for its fugitive actions in the past has suddenly become one that issues press notices of its attacks and assuring Nigerians of more deadly attacks.

another question arising is are we now living in a fairy tale world?or the pages of a terror and blood spitting novel?Nigerians can't help but let their mind wander afar into the days of it former presidents that are purposely going to actions,but it seems action is missing in todays government,as words grow in MiLLIONS.
Human beings respect and respond to those who seem to know where they are headed, and in its battle with government and attempt to win the heart of Nigerians, Boko Haram appears the better contender.
The last time Afeez Ringim, the IG, made statements the group considered beyond his mouth, it went after him within days with a suicide bomber. I feel bold to call that June attack at the Louise Edet House a suicide attack in the wake of the attack at the UN House.
The police called it a suicide attack initially only to return, days later, with a revised version that was meant to downplay the gravity of the matter by claiming it was not a suicide attack. Yet the seriousness of the attack, the casualty rate and the plans laid down by this group seems unquestionable.after the issue of the Nigeria force statement dip which must have been downplayed too, all pointed in the direction of a suicide mission. Not given to idle talk, Boko Haram waited to re-enact its act.
The UN House attack which followed by Boko Haram considered the UN support for the fight against it has now cleared the air and the Police can go on with their lame denial if they so desire,but can they lie about the national security to Nigerians?.
Yet the most disturbing aspect is the feebleness of the governments reactions to the attacks by the Boko Haram that is now spreading round the country in a copycat fashion,creating a name for this group that doesn't deserve a name.
Boko Haram is in the news mainly because of the religious tinge to its grievance and its misconceived mission of opposition to so-called Western education. This look funny that bombing of peoples life is all for the western education,but it's not FUNNY AS SEVERAL NIGERIANS HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES TO THIS CAUSE.
But it keep going on to make use of alike lethal and benign products of its supposed Western education in its retrogressive mission. We can’t be entirely sure though that Boko Haram has not been lionised beyond its powers.
How are we sure there are no groupsof Nigerians fishing in the troubled waters created by the group? Is it the case that there is nothing political to what is happening? The fact that Boko Haram wears a religious face seems to be hampering Jonathan and his security chiefs as to what to do.
Where they should take the fight to these murderers and be proactive, they continue to wring their hands in helpless resignation, building or allowing others to build all sorts of conspiracy theories.
But Nigerians need to feel and live secure.because the national security is now at stake.
All Nigerians need more than the rhetorical assurances of their leaders.
They need firm action and that cannot happen until Goodluck Jonathan recognises that he is the Commander-in-Chief.
This keep the people now in suspense,as every morning,people listen with fear in mind to any news pertaining the next conversation between the boko harams.
All Nigerians are now calling for the president reaction.because he's the COMMANDER IN CHIEF,and this fringe terrorist group keep playing with people's life.


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