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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The winners chapel had just finish their 1week camping in Lagos.

The biggest auditorium and one of african most popular pastor,
Bishop david oyedepo,founder of winners chapel,recently concluded their 1week of convention or camping organised for all Youths of Nigeria.
It was held in the magnificant building and world biggest church,
canaan land,otta.lagos state,Nigeria.
This convention saw thousands of youth trooping into canaan land for this great moment.and it was really worth it.
Testimonies follow as usual.let me just recall one given by a mother on the last night of the convention.
my son was blind from birth,i've tried everything possible but couldn't do otherwise,so when i heard of the youth convention/camping,i decided to bring my son to experience God glory,on reaching the canaan land,my son who had never seen before,started seeing,praise the lord.
testimonies upon testimonies follow and all to the glory of God.
I'll like to appreciate the Organisers for such a wonderful week and bishop david oyedepo for his faithfulness and teachings,may the lord richly bless Winners chapel and may daddy,bishop david oyedepo continue to grow in faith.
winners chapel
winners chapel
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this were some of the wonderful moments,youths and others alike are waiting for the next conference.and promise to attend.God bless Nigeria
God bless winners chapel.