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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mikel obi father finally released.kidnappers under police custody

If there's any problem in NFF,is the kidnapping of Nigeria football wizkid,
mikel obi.
This is really disturbing and moreover,it did bring into limelight what over government has been trying very hard to hide in the past decade.
This issue of kidnapping did not only end on the soil and border of Nigeria,but it also went as far as to london,imagine that?
This great africa country Nigeria,has been doing it possible best to stop and i means stop all kinds of kidnapping to make Nigeria a better place for International visits too.
Now all the whites are followed and heavely guided by arm force men to stop this kidnapping issue from spoiling the name of this country.so as to encourage other international bodies to do business and investment with us.but so far,this latest issue of mikel obi father,
has just done the opposite!
Even chelsea coach commented that his player [mikel obi] did well during his troubled time with the news of his father being kidnapped.now tell me,will this chelsea coach,ever dream of visiting our country?and maybe pick up a star from our soil?
Because the confession of michael obi,mikel obi father is really disturbing,let me quote him,
i was brutally beaten!
imagine this group of men beating this old man,lets check and see a man some group of men beat.
this is really troubling
imagine the pains mikel obi felt while he was still in England.somebody making nigeria proud got his father kidnapped.the question here is this.
Does it mean that most Nigeria's don't like great things?.
Well,the goodneys is that this old man,michael obi,mikel obi father,has finally been released and his host,the kidnappers,are still in police custody.
I think the police need to take a proper look of what this men has done to the image of Nigeria outside before passing judgment to this men.i'll rest my case.
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