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Sunday, March 4, 2012

woman claims holy spirit instructs her to kill her cousin 5years old daughter.

what won't happen in this world?
What is new in this world?
Imagine the nerve this woman had to say that the HOLY SPIRIT instructs her to kill her cousins 5years old daughter.
Now, all christians knows that the HOLY SPIRIT don't forgive, right?
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This is one of 2012 most barbaric news ever, imagine when our reliable source gave us this news that a woman kill the daughter of her cousin, and she claims she did it with the direction from the holy spirit.

Today, HotNigeriaZone report to you this abomination news of a 22-year lady, known as Chinyere Alegu , who dragged her cousin’s daughter, Chioma Edukwu, 5, to a nearby bush, inserted her fingers in her mouth and pulled out her tongue, saying she was instructed by the Holy spirit, imagine the accusation.

Holy Spirit instructed me to remove object from
22year old murderer.

This incident took place at Ndi Duma Ekpaomaka village, in Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria.
The suspect Chinyere narrating her ordeal to crime watch news said that
“ I am a hair dresser by profession and i love to evangelise and attend churches.
I do attend church programmes where they hold rallies and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I was sleeping when the Holy Spirit instructed me to go and pull out an object from an elderly woman’s mouth.
I had another dream again before I took Chioma to the bush for prayer and while there, I used my hands to pull out her tongue.
“Having realised what I did, I raised the alarm and appealed to people to come and help me revive her.
I used my right hand to remove her tongue.
Sometimes, Holy Spirit visit do me and i can pray in the house for three to four hours. I don’t know what to say but to beg my cousin to forgive me,” she lamented.

The deceased girl father told the reporter that he was surprised that Chinyere killed his daughter.
He said that
“She came to me to request that my daughter stayed with her.
Two days later, information got to us that Chioma, my first daughter, was found dead in the bush and murdered by my own cousin.
I saw my daughter’s tongue on the ground and was later told that Chinyere removed it with her bare hands.
I want the law to take its course, I want justice to be done.I don’t know what came over her. The father of the deceased said.

I know her to be a Christian, and a prayer warrior,” the grieving father said.
The Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Adeola Adeniji, said that the suspect had been arrested and would be tried for murder.
He said:
“We didn’t see any object on her apart from the Bible.”

Imagine the agony this little girl pass through, imagine someone holding her tongue and forcing drawing it out.
Only the shock would kill her.
I pray that this little girl Soul RIP.


  1. The bible say we need to test the spirits, Demons can do mircles too..The voice she heard was not the holy spirits it was of a demon. The holy spirit warns us, makes us smile, laugh, but will never tell us to do something that God saids not to do, Holy spirit will tell us not to do it in a very loving way!! She heard the voice of a bad spirit