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Monday, March 12, 2012

Woman buried alive, accused of witchcraft.

Is this a new form of Madness?
Or have some people not leave the medieval era?
How can someone bury his fellow human being alive, all because she was accused of practising witchcraft?

Well, the latest news reaching us is that one Nigerian female pastor, has been buried alive for allegedly killing five family members for money making ritual, known in Akwa-ibom state as mkpinon.

This female prophetess, known as Utang Edet Effiong, has been buried alive by angry family members for alleging killing five members of their family.

Female propheters, Utang Edet, who owned a church in her native village of Ikot Edem Odo in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State, South south of Nigeria, has been accused of offering her family members for money making ritual and before she was buried alive, she had allegedly killed five members of the same family.
A family member who plead anonymous in Ikot Edem Odo told Our reliable source that some mysterious deaths has regularly occurred in the family recently without anyone knowing the cause of death, until Joseph Edet Offiong died early February this year.

The source stats that
“We concluded that we had to do something before premature death took everyone in the family away,”
One Ekanma Edet Offiong, a member of the family said:
That the family met and plan that to know the cause of the sudden and recent deaths.

She went further to say this:
“we the family member decided to send somebody to Anangin, in Akwa Ibom State to find out and eventually we discovered that she was responsible for the killings and more were lined up to die if she was not stopped.”
Ekanen also said that,
when the family discovered that she was responsible for the killings, a meeting was summoned and she was invited to appear before the family to explain her role but she refused to honour the family’s invitations and gave excuses that she was too busy with church activities.

That answer she gave convinced the family further that she was aware of what was happening or had a hand in the death of her family members.
Ekanma added.

The family, another source who plead anonymity told our reliable source it was yet to decide what to do with the prophetess when Edet Edet Offiong, a twin brother of Joseph Edet Offiong who died recently, who could not bear the grief and pain of lossing his twin brother to the alleged witch, had to lead some of his friends to the prophetess’ house one night.

Here's where the horror story begin, imagine a brother having the courage to bury his sister alive

the brother took her to the bush where they dug grave and shoved her in and covered her with sand.

Utang Edet Offiong
picture of the woman buried alive.

“At about 2 a.m. on that night, Edet Edet Offiong led Nsikak Emmanuel Tom, Ekpo Archibong Ekpo, and Edet Etim to the prophetess’ house and on arrival, her brother Edet Edet Offiong called her to come out and when she asked him what he was doing in her house at that time of night, the boys told her to shut up and come out,” said our source.
The source said when she came out, they dealt her some blows and took her to the bush where she was buried her alive.
This case matter has been reported to the police who have arrested five suspects in connection with the murder and detained them at the Police Headquarters at Diamond Hill, Calabar.

ASP Hogan Bassey said the suspects would soon appear in court after “investigations have been concluded.
but sincerely speaking, i think this is a Crazy World.

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