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Monday, March 12, 2012

Man stab woman because she refuse to have sex with him.

This is really a wierd world and a wierd country too.
Imagine how a man could muster the courage to stab his fellow being because she refuses to give him free s e x.

This sex crazed and starved man, who is 25-year old man, known as Emmanuel Agbudu has been arrested and charged before Apapa Magistrate’s Court, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria for stabbing Blessing Edet after she refused him sex free of charge.
Blessing, who claimed to be a ‘hussler’ or as human right said we should call them, sex workerin Ajegunle, told Agbudu that she would not allow him have sex with her for free nor on credit as he wanted, because he do not have the money to pay her.

After some argument, it resulted in a fight between the sex starved man and the sex worker, and while the fight was ongoing, Blessing was stabbed with a broken bottle.

Emmanuel Agbudu told the police that he has pleaded severally with Blessing to allow him have sex with her free of charge since she had lured him to her room.
He said that she refused because he had no money to give her, adding that he offered to pay her some money later on after he must have had sex with her.
He is facing a one count charge of assault for the offence.

The Ebonyi state-born had met Blessing at her abode at 29, Balla Street, Ajegunle, Lagos, and demanded for sex when he mentally know that Blessing is offering sex for money and not pleasure.
Blessing was annoyed and refused to grant his request without him parting with any money.
She attempted to walk him out of her room but Agbudu has resisted and insisted.
He reportedly broke a bottle in her room and stabbed her all over her body.
This case was reported to the police and it's still in court now for attempt murder.

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