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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

world news: Sex worker with both human private parts.

This is a bizarre story that is truly bizarred.
How a she-male operates in a brothel as a sex worker and yet, customers don't notice it!.
here's how she-he was caught!. Interesting story.

If anything is bizarred, then this story i'm about to relate to you is.
Imagine a situation where a teenage commercial sex worker has two sex organs!, a huge hairy penis and a small hairless vagina.

This commercial sex worker, does not allow his/her hermaphrodite condition affect her trade at all and seems to have developed a very high strategy of hiding it from his/her clients.

This teenage sex worker offers sex for money at the Kwame Nkrumah circle environs in Accra, Ghana.
where he/she dresses like a female. Not having any developed breasts, he/she uses a bra stuffed with artificial breasts, which are normally soft cloth.
Information reaching us has it that he/she allows his/her clients to enjoy his/her ‘service’ only from behind in a sex position popularly known as the ‘doggy style’, and that during sex, he/she always uses his/her palms to cover his/her male organ so as to hide it from her clients views.

However, luck ran out of Him/her about two weeks ago when, after one of his/her service, the male client refused to pay for the services she/he has rendered.
This misunderstanding resulted in a fight that drew the attention of others commercial sex workers, plus other passerby leading to the gathering of a crowd.

This incident which took place at the Odawna new market at the Kwame Nkrumah circle, which is a very popular and crowded place, the quarrelsome customer however managed to find his escape route through the increasing crowd, leaving the sex worker tothe sympathy of onlookers.

Among the onlookers, were market women, normally, who sympathised with this young teenager, and out of sympathy, asked the teenage sexworker, who looked very dirty after his/her struggle with the man, to take a bath at a public bathhouse nearby.

Trust people, news has rally round that a man had refused to pay a teenage sex worker who had just serviced him and has beaten her(that's what they believed,) on top of it.
This news brought more and more people to the place to catch a glimpse of the sex worker.
of course, among this curious onlookers, was a woman, who sympathised with this teenager and even bought some second hand clothes for the sex worker and went to the bathroom to hand them over to ‘her, only to realize that the sex worker had a penis dangling in front of him and had no breast on his chest.

She thought that she has the right to visit this teenager whom she thought was just a female and like herself, has nothing to hide, only to recieve this biggest suprise hit of Her adult life.

The woman, out of Suprise and fear, raised an alarming alarm and more people trooped to the bathhouse to see for themselves whether what their ears were hearing could be true and it was then that he/she showed them his/her female sex organ as well.

According to the sex worker, though he/she had a penis, it do not erect and that he/she enjoyed sex only with the female organ.
One of the market women reportedly took the sex worker away in her private car.
This mysterious woman, is believed to be the leader of the Association of Market Women at the Circle Odawna Market.

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girl boy, she-male news.

Life is really mysterious, but this isn't a big news to the literates, This kind of occasion occurs where a male has a female organ but the male organ is pretty stronger than that of the female.
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