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Sunday, February 5, 2012

woman killed by her lover because of being suspicious. The jealous lover.

If i say i'm not suprised and angry, then i must be one of the world greatest liar, imagine how a lover, not yet a husband, killed his girlfriend because of what?
He saw her with another man!, someone he's being suspicious of,now tell me, is it that he owns her or she's a property? Well, for more photos, view her pictures and that of her jealous lover by clicking the read more link.
This is the burial of Martha Fargona, the woman that was unjustly killed by her jealous Lover over some stupid reasons.

The story is of 34 year old fashion designer, Martha Farinmade, who was beaten to death by her jealous lover, on January 6th 2012. Her jealous lover goes by the name, Adeola Agbarin, when he because suspicious of her that she was cheating on him with a 30-year-old male beauty consultant with the name, Damilare Shadipe

On the evening of January 6th, Adeola had spotted Martha with Damilare at her shop and invited Martha to his home that night to discuss his concerns, according to him, but unknowly, the he-devil has another plan.

Late Martha, not suspecting she was heading toher death, went to see her lover, only for him to beat her to death during a quarrel over the new man. The killing took place at Agbarin's home at No 32, Awoyokun Street, Mushin.
To finish up his most evil doings, Adeola has the guts, to carry her body in a wheel barrow in the wee hours of January 7, 2012 and dumped it in a gutter close to the residence of the deceased family home at No. 30, Majolate Street, Mushin.



late martha being buried and her picture when she was alive.

Martha was buried yesterday, after so many shed tears of pains over the lost soul of a happy, cheerful and great woman, who has plans to take Nigeria to higher levels with her designing outfit.
But those dreams are now buried with her, May her soul rest in peace.



when the murdered throwed her dead body in the gutter and his Picture.

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