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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuface says: i'm not a womanizer.

I really don't have to explain myself when i mention Tuface.
He's one of Nigeria most popular and famous musician when it comes to good music.
But his relationship life is strained as he has got six children from several women.
Enjoy this interview.

famous Nigerian R&B crooner is expecting his 6th child from his long-term girlfriend.
Even though he has 5 other kids by three different women,
TuFace idibia don't believe he is a womanizer. He explains in this xclusive interview that he had with E Express.
“I didn’t get this from my father. My father is not a womanizer. That I know. I have never caught my father with another woman.

my father is very faithful to my mother.
I am also not awomanizer. Yes it happens that I have more women in my life. It is the price I have to pay for being a superstar. I didn’t plan to have more than one woman in my life. I didn’t plan my life to be the way it is now, but i've got no regrets.
I love all my kids, and Right now, I have three women in my life who have five kids for me (and expecting a 6th one) and I sincerely don’t know how I’m able to cope with three women.

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Tuface idibia at it again.

Fela had over two dozen wives but I’m not Fela. I can never be another Fela.
I have three women but I’m saying a big NO to Fela’s kind of polygamy life.
I don’t even know what this women see in me.
Sometimes, I look into the mirror and wonder what it is that they see in me.”

but this is no joke, Tuface idibia don't consider himself a womanizer after having six children from three different women?
Well, one thing i promise myself is that i will not be judging celebrities, and right now, i'm keeping my promise.