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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Africa actress, Nadia Buari holding hands with chief joseph penawou.

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Rumours was once flying around the gist Room, that one of africa top actress, Ghanaian actress, Nadia buari is dating Nigeria top Politician and chief Joseph penawou.

Well, here is another picture of them holding hands!.
There's nothing wrong in holding hands, but when it comes to situation consenting reputations, this isn't suppose to be taken lightly, except there's a hint of Truth in the rumour, gossip.

Chief Joseph Penawou is a popular business man, plus politician and the husband of Delta Soap model, Nora Anusionwu Penawou.
silent whispering Rumours has it that The Chief is planning to make Nadia his third wife.
Imagine a Beauty being a Third wife?
Well, Whom i'm i to Judge?
After all, Love is Completely mysterious.

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