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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Susy Q killed in murder in cold blood in her 1004 flat.

Miss Susan Yusuf,popularly and well known as Susy Q, the brain behind the SQ lounge and the owner of the business, she was also recently featured in the news about ending her Jonzing club partnership with DPrince.
Susy Q was stabbed today in cold blood to death at her residenting apartment, which is 1004 flats in Victoria Island.


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According to the report reaching us from Entertainmentgistme, Suzy Q was stabbed to death at her flat on the 6th Floor of D Block, 1004 flats, victory island.

Her killer, who is man, jumped from the 6th floor, which is up to 12 stories above, to his death when people were rushing towards him.

This is the man who allegedly killed Suzy Q.
This is the picture of the man when he jumped from 12 stories above, This picture is taken at the scene of the crime.
picture of dead man