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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nigerian newspaper: seven male students rape one female student. Rape issue again!.

if there's anything that makes me run mad, it's guys that do rape females, that's so uncivilized and one of the greatest sin against the human body.
Imagine when seven able young guys just take turns to rape just one helpless girl. It's so heart touching, that God himself is against it.

Tragedy struck at The Benkum Senior High School in the Eastern region of Ghana where seven senior male students allegedly raped a second year female student of the the same school.
The abominable act was said to have take place last Saturday on the premises of the school.

This rape case, was reported to the school authorities on Monday who in turn reported it to the police on Tuesday for the law to take its course.
Information reaching HotNigeriaZone has it that, two boys who were part of the gang have been arrested while another two are being invited for questioning.
The victim who is in her teens has given her statement to the police for further investigations after she left the hospital, where she was taken for medical check up.

“She is traumatised and she tells me she is not in the right frame of mind,” our reliable source who interviewed this teenager reported.

Latest information reaching us is that the victim accompanied a friend to hand over a book to another friend who was waiting for her in one of the classrooms and it was then that she was ambushed and rape by her senior male students, whom she respects.

The most amazing part of the story is the young lady who was rape did not report the incident to the school authorities when it happened and in our observation she did so to protect either her interest and privacy or the interest of one of the boys who is believed to be her ex-boyfriend.
What was she thinking?
That she is a macho girl?

Well, Ghana Public Relations Officer of the DOVVSU, Mr Freeman Tettey, told HotNigeriaZone source that on Tuesday, the case was brought to their notice and serious investigation is ongoing.

Freeman went further to say that:
“I can’t say a case of rape has been established against the students but a case has been lodged.
The school authorities lodged the complaint to the police,”he said.

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