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Friday, February 10, 2012

man forced to drink engine oil for stealing.

Like more of my post, i would have said that this is a very jovial matter, but if you're were to see this man picture,photo. You'll truly feel what he felt.
Imagine what this will do in his system. For stealing, this man has been forced to drink, i mean drink every single drop of condemned engine oil.

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This happened in Ghana, where a suspected thief, that was accused of stealing just a mobile phone was beaten and put inside a pool of condemned engine oil, where he was forced to drink dirty engine after he was subjected to severe beatings by a mob of angry youths at Shalom Spot, a suburb of Lashibi in Tema.

The accused or alleged thief, James Amanor, a 23-year-old scrap dealer, after receiving the beatings, was marched to a nearby fitting shop, at the Community 18 Junction, close to Sakumono in Tema.

The angry mob, mostly full of youths, took gallons of dirty engine oil on him and forced him to drink from it.

Amanor managed to escape into a bush at the Sakumono Ramsey site in Tema after he was set free by his captors who refused to heed to his plea for him to be taken to one the nearest police station.

Narrating the incident which led to Amanor’s arrest to HotNigeriaZone, the residents claimed the suspect, along with his friend, unexpectedly snatched a Nokia mobile phone from a passer-by after they had followed the victim to a cool and silent area.
They said Amanor snatched the phone from the victim and passed it to the other colleague of him, who was ahead of the victim and ran with it.

However, luck wasn't smiling eluded Amanor as he was held by the mob, after the victim had raised an alarm of losing his phone to the suspects,attracting the attention of some residents.
They said, “We gave them a hot chase but the other guy managed to escape but we managed to arrest this one at the Shalom Spot.”

A casual observer nearly poured his wrath of the angry youth when he attempted to implore the angry residents to take the alleged thief to the nearest police station or set him free, instead of taking the law into their hands.

According to them, Amanor’s incident was the second time thieves had stolen valuables from the area.

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