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Friday, February 24, 2012

Man caught having sex with a COW!.

I could have tamed this a rape case, but come to think of it, who's raping who here?
This is a live picture, photo of a man caught having sex with a COW!.
Well, if this is insanity, i would have known, but this is a higher case, click the CONTINUE READING to see the live picture.

Is this madness?
A insane or madman would asked himself, talkless of a SANE man?
What joy and sexually gratification do this man have while having sex with an enormous animal like a COW?
it's really stupid, no matter what, i consider this plainly stupid.

This shameless act was done in north a couple of week ago, where this original picture start erupting.


That's the picture above.
It's so so... What?
Your comment needed!.

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