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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Man caught during the act of Raping a Goat!. what's Going On?

This is really disgusting, i wouldn't have bothered posting this piece of Information except for my followers, imagine a man, a human being, having the courage to rape a GOAT, that's truly bad, this is getting out of hands.

Egious Chikoore 300x118
boko haram

imagine a sixteen year old boy having sex and can only satisfied himself with sex from animals.

The owner of the goat Mr David Mutunha said he caught Chisare in the act with his goat after he heard sounds of distress coming from the animal. Residents in Ward 28 in Norton were left stunned by the bizarre incident which happened on Saturday night.

The police were involved in the case and it was disturbing to see such a young man with a beastly habit.
Police Spokesperson, Superintendent Andrew Phiri also confirmed the arrest of Chisare and said the suspect is expected to appear in court this Monday.

last year in august 2012, a 16-year old boy caused a stir in Buhera for satisfying his sexual desires with chickens, calves and goats. At least three chickens and one calf died within a month after the sexual encounters.
The teenager, Egious Chikoore confessed that he only gets sexual satisfaction from having sex with animals.
Here's his exact statement.

“I have been intimate with the chickens and goats nearly every day. Sometime I target the calves in the kraal when everyone retires to bed,”

16 year old Egious, who is a school drop out, was employed by Mbuya Ester Chitendere family as a herdboy.

Here's the herdsman tale,Chitendere the herdsman to the animal Egous is having sex with, narrated this bizarre incident to HNZ.

“I employed Egious in April and his duties were merely to herd my stocksince I am not getting any younger. This problem began when several of my chickens mysteriously went missing after attending my brother’s memorial service.
We hunted for the chickens but failed to locate them only to find one behind the main bedroom. We were not suspicious although its backside was wide open. A few days after the incident, I discovered that several chickens were ill but we failed to identify the sickness.
We opted to slaughter and feasted on the meat,” she said. Mbuya Chitendere says within a week, she mysteriously lost one of her healthy calves after seeing it showing the similar symptoms.
“The calf died within a week.” “It was not easy to inform my daughter Simbisai, who resides in Britain as she would be heartbroken. “It had stopped feeding and its eyes had changed into a whitish colour.”
“We threw it away but I was really troubled for losing my stock in such a mysterious manner.” However, the beans spilled when Mbuya Chitendere noticed one of her chickens battling to walk.
Mbuya Chitendere smelt and detected fresh human semen all over the chicken’s nether hole. “I placed the chicken in a basket and asked Egious about it but he declined.
“Yaichururuka hurume.” (human semen was oozing from it) “I rushed to Egious’s aunt who stays in the neighbourhood and she could not believe her eyes.” Egious eventually admitted he had a lust for fresh chickens, cattle and goats etc.

This is really serious, my only advice to this family is to ask for God divine intervention.
Because this looks like a spiritual case, imagine having sex with animals at such a tender age.

Asuu Strike Update!.
Asuu strike Ends Today!. nigeria university updates and news.

jamb extends utme registration date.

BOKO HARAM LEADERS NOW EXPOSED by a muslim now turned christian!.

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