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Monday, February 20, 2012

Fight nor Soldiers can stop Boko Haram but Only Dialogue Can. - owie

When Benin city former chief, who is also known as Whip of the senate,Senator Rowland Owie declared that moving soldiers on the boko haram won't solved the current problem of Nigeria.
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Senator Rowland Owie, this weekend, said that the sending soldiers after the islamic Terrorist group, popular known as Boko Haram will not end the activities of the terrorist sect and therefore urged the Federal Government to dialogue with the terrorist group before taking up further decisions.

Senator Rowland Owie who is unsupportive of the call for a Sovereign National Conference, strongly argued that it was not a weakness on the part of President Goodluck Jonathan to have a dialogue with members of the Boko Haram sect when they calmly and freely show up.
Senator Rowland Owie also warned the President to be wary of those who may want to mislead him in fighting against the idea of dialogue, which they call weakness.

Senator Rowland owie said that.
“It is not a sign of weakness on the part of President Goodluck Jonathan when he said his government will be willing to dialogue with the leaders of the Boko Haram sect.
Senator Owie also went further to say that
why should people be against dialogue?
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ says that the cure for hatred is love.

Senator owie asked some sensible questions.
Did we not dialogue with the militants in the Niger Delta?

Are the OPC members not peaceful now?

Are the MASSOB members not becoming civil now?

He said that “Palace jesters should not deceive the President.
Using Arm attacks can’t solve Boko Haram issue but love can.
So I feel the President should dialogue with them for the interest of the nation because we cannot witness meaningful development without people investing in our economy.

And people can only invest in a country where there's peace.
where there's a guarantee of security.

On the call by several leaders for a Sovereign National Conference, senator Owie give his view that “ I don’t think it is necessary now because the National Assembly is there to handle all amendments in the constitution in creating true federalism. The only handicap is that some of the State Assemblies have become tools in the Government Houses of some states.

“For instance, in the last legislative session when the National Assembly wanted to put financial autonomy for State Assemblies in the constitution, some state Assemblies voted against granting financial autonomy for themselves.
You see the slave mentality of people just because of greed” senator Rowland Owie finally said.

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  1. Man you are showing support for boko haram in Benin ! I hope you know that you are playing with your life. You think you can support the terrorists and go against the good people, because good people will not do you anything, you take their kindness for a weakness, but let me tell you : when you push a man to the wall...