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Monday, February 20, 2012

Facebook Disgraced: As school boy upload a picture of himself and a girl having s e x, Just for the Disgrace!.

sometimes, i think there's suppose to be an age limit to facebook.
This has really be shared in facebook and it's really going viral with several people getting angry over this school boy stupid act.
It was really a show of shame for the girl, but what about the BOY himself?
He's simply a disgrace to his parents and love ones.

well, following the terms and services of Blogging, i decided not to share the censor image in this blog, and due to the graphic nature of the image, we have decided to censor this picture.

but for curious people, who would love to view the uncensor picture,


This young secondary school boy, believed to be under the age of 18years, posted this annoying picture after wooing this girl for long and finally had s e x with her.

This secondary school boy thought it is going to be fun to post the photograph on facebook so that he and his friends could mock her and to tell them of his wooing strength.(is there anything like that?).

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The girl in the picture above is believed to be in the same school with the boy too.
HoTNIGERIAzone gathered that she don't know that such a picture has been secretly circulating on facebook among her schoolmates, including females and mostly males.

Please Girls be warned!.
People on Facebook who know this girl won't ever tame her a responsible girl ever again, and you know what that has done to her reputation throughout her lifetime.
Because of people you're with, there are some people who thinks they're little gods.
Be Wise!.

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