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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

entertainment news: Nigeria young musician, Davido's pics having sex in bed with groupie, Sonia.

if anything is more damaging, it's the sex tape or video of a celebrity shared online, and currently, that's what Davido is facing right now.

Nigerian top musician, Davido seems to have his respect put in the garbage after a girl leaked pictures of her in bed with him.
This self confessed young girl, now popularly known as Sonia, did posted pictures of herself in bed with the Dami Duro star.
Also in one of the pictures she can be seen kissing him and licking his tattoos.

But looking at this pictures closely and Judging from the pictures, it seems that Davido have been knocked out, but what hotNIGERIAzone can't tell right now is whether he was tired from rounds of sex or from his last Stage performance before this pictures came out.



sonia and davido pictures.

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